"As schools become more diverse and standards become increasingly rigorous, school leaders must acquire the knowledge and skills needed to implement evidence-based inclusive practices designed to ensure all students are provided with the supports necessary to achieve."

"I learned about NUSELI and was accepted into the program while still an Assistant Principal. My experience as an Assistant Principal along with my participation in NUSELI as I sought my doctorate degree helped me greatly prepare for my first Principalship at Westridge Middle School. "

"NUSELI brings together leaders who have a desire to increase their knowledge and ability to have an impact on the lives of all students, especially students with disabilities. The scholars’ research, which spans for over a decade, continues to influence leaders, educators, and students."

Dr. Kimberly Steinke

NUSELI opened the doors for me to build professional relationships with special education leadership colleagues beyond the border of my district and has extended across the state and nation. I have been exposed to outstanding opportunities to learn from experts in the field and have been able to visit schools and see programs that provide excellent services for students with disabilities and their families. Mostly, NUSELI impacted my life by granting me the opportunity to build lifelong relationships and a professional foundation that I will cherish forever.

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